Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Edinburgh's Best Buildings

(Click to enlarge) Well Court, Edinburgh, showing some of the extensive recent repair work carried out by Edinburgh World Heritage - one of the category winners. A great deal of further information about Well Court can be found here:

From the website of the Edinburgh Architectural Association:

As a celebration of 150 years of the Edinburgh Architectural Association, its Council chose three notable buildings from each decade since its inception.

To celebrate the wealth and variety of wonderful buildings in Edinburgh, the Lothians, the Borders and West Fife, people were invited to vote for the building they liked best from each decade. (And to let us know if their favourite building didn't appear.)

The poll closed on 30th June and you can see the results here:

The buildings chosen will be highlighted in a book published later in the year.

I'm delighted that the majority of my favourites, including the splendid Well Court, came out top in their respective categories. Congratulations of course to the EAA on reaching 150, and I look forward to the publication of the book.


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