Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lancaster - Sec of State turns down the Centros plans

Mitchell's Brewery Lancaster

Briefest of blogs to relate that the Secretary of State has decided that the Centros application, backed by Lancaster Council, should be refused, following the farcical Public Inquiry.  That was a welcome message in my inbox this morning!

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(the Sec of State refused the Hebden Bridge plans too: http://www.anthonyrae.com/garden-street/1.html )



It's Our City has put the docs on the website:


As can also be read there,  the SAVE http://www.savebritainsheritage.org/  injunction against the owners of Mitchell's Brewery to prevent the demolition of the brewery (which they already have begun) lasts until the 29th, pending Judicial Review. Mitchell's is refusing to allow English Heritage on site to re-assess the buildings for listing; there is new and significant information regarding the building which hasn't been considered in the past. Meanwhile Lancaster Council is still refusing to protect the building with a temporary BPN, and has suspended the public consultation, already begun,  to have the building placed in the Conservation Area.

Surely, with the refusal of the Sec of State to the plans so far to spoil so many historic buildings and turn Lancaster into a clone shopping town, it's time Lancaster started to act in the wider public interest, and not the interest of a private developer?

The Stonewell 'nose' Lancaster

So, one battle won; next stage is to persuade Lancaster to adopt a more sensible  regeneration scheme, based around the historic buildings and areas. It could do worse than look at the scheme drawn up by Richard Griffiths for SAVE:


and consider this report:


Message from It's Our City:

A massive thank you to all who have stuck with the campaign against this scheme over the years and for everything you have done to support us. This victory belongs to the whole community. In the New Year, we expect the Council to reassess their plans for the canal corridor north site in the light of this decision, so watch this space.

Tonight (Tuesday 22nd Dec) some of us will be meeting up in the Gregson Centre at around 8.00pm to celebrate. Everybody is most welcome to come and join us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All !


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