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All We Need Is Love: SAVE Buildings at Risk!

Published today - the 2009 SAVE Britain's Heritage Buildings at Risk catalogue, so don't delay, order NOW!

"SAVE’s 2009 Buildings at Risk report is due to arrive in the office on the 1st June. It is the most agonising parade of delightful and decaying historic buildings that SAVE has so far produced.

Many of these buildings can be tackled and rescued by enterprising individuals. This latest list of over 100 buildings includes classic Queen Anne and Regency houses begging for restoration, weather boarded Essex farmhouses, old rectories, town houses built for wealthy merchants, pretty but forlorn village pubs, and a perfect William and Mary Dolls House belonging to the Ministry of Defence. There are bigger buildings too, many prominent local landmarks such as the art College at Derby, the Prison at Plymouth, several town halls, post offices, schools, chapels and hotels.

Every page is a cry for help...

To order your copy please contact the office or send us a cheque with a note describing which publication you require. The publication is priced at £15 (£13 for Friends) + £2.50 p&p"

For further information and more pictures, here's the latest Press Release:

Buildings at Risk Press Release May 2009

And to spur you on, in case you fancy rescuing a wreck, Jon Maine has updated his Merchant's House website (see last Republic post on his success in the RICS Awards) with a gallery link to Picassa web albums of pictures, and started a blog (see my blog list on the right):

SAVE has featured his wonderful work and success in the RICS Awards on its website, with a link also to the article which appeared in the 2006 BaR catalogue:

Now Jon (who is a conservation builder and project manager in case you want to rescue a wreck and feel you need help) is to go forward to the national finals, with Merchant's House up against places like St Paul's. Best of luck, Jon!

Also on that PDF link is part of the article in the same book about the rescue of Heolas Fawr in Wales, by Gervase Webb. For those wishing to know more, Gervase Webb's website is at : Heolas Fawr click to enlarge

Gervase has also published this useful guide to traditional plastering:

and there is other useful stuff here for those keen to tackle their own wreck:

If you want to buy meat carefully raised at Heolas Fawr, here's further information:

Like Jon, Gervase is happy to come along and advise, project manage, and also get his hands dirty helping others to rescue their own wrecks.

"Horgan & Webb is a member of the AECB, the sustainable building association, the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and The Building Limes Forum.

The work on our own house was featured in the BBC2 series Restored to Glory, where John Yates a former chairman of the IHBC, commended the "textbook conservation techniques" and Ian Constantinedes of St Blaise Ltd commented, "England's loss is Wales's gain".
The project has also been featured on the
Period Property website and in the 2006 SAVE Buildings at Risk register. More recently Gervase Webb was asked to speak at the annual conference of the The Building Limes Forum on the implications of new building regulations for those working on traditional buildings. He has also been featured in the property section of the Independent newspaper."


I've just had my attention drawn to this article in the Times 29th May

on the new SAVE report on Brighton's churches at risk, so why not order that in addition to the BaR catalogue? I wrote about it here:

and it's also featured in today's SALON:

Click to enlarge

Back soon with a longer blog!

Meanwhile, enjoy the great weather. I know I will, the garden beckons...


Latest: Sunday Times June 7th has an article about the Buidings at Risk catalogue:

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