Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Rubble, rubble, toil and...

I had this site marked down to write about a couple of weeks' ago, but life, strife, trouble and stuff got in the way and blogging has rather taken a back seat. In the interim, it seems to have been 'discovered' by the AJ; however, for those who don't scour the pages of that journal on a daily basis, just in case it brings on a fit of the vapours, I bring it to you now to enjoy. I note that it is being added to with increasing frequency, which may or may not be A Good Thing, depending on which side of the chasm of architects v the rest of the world you are.

What, indeed, am I yabbering about, I hear you cry?!

The Rubble Club.

Gone but not forgotten

The Rubble Club is an organisation to remember buildings demolished in their architect’s lifetime. The Club is open to all who have had buildings destroyed in their lifetime. We have three key ground rules: Firstly the building's architect must be alive and not party to its destruction, secondly the building must be built with the intention of permanence (exhibitions, shops and interiors are not eligible), and thirdly it must be deliberately destroyed or radically altered, it can't simply burn down.

And here is the site in question:

What more can I say? Some are a loss, some aren't... but no doubt we all have our own list of those we wish could join those catalogued on the club site.

Sic transit gloria mundi!


pic above:
Demolition of Lion Yard, Cambridge Copyright (C) David Redhouse 2005. Licence.

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