Tuesday, 20 October 2009

GAZPROM, RMJM Okhta Tower, St Petersburg World Heritage Site: more sad news

The bulldozers have been at work in St Petersburg  doing, it seems, some 'archaeological investigation' :


This is no longer a metaphor. What which was awaited for, feared but not believed finally happened - the bulldozers of Gazprom assaulted the ruins of Nyenskans (XVII century) and Landskrona (1300) fortresses. They broke into one of the bastions, leaving a 50 square meters pit where an 1.6 meter ancient earthen wall stood. A hole large enough for an armored regiment to break in. A part of Landskrona moat was destroyed as well.

This is our first unrecoverable loss.


For now, the bulldozers are stopped. The only assistance we need is spreading of information. But we need it a lot - this can repeat at any time.

Please, please look at this, please, please let the world know what is being destroyed


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Also please read this, sent to me by the Editor. It's a very full account of what is happening, and why it shouldn't be.





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