Thursday, 15 October 2009

Merchant's House, Shepton Mallet - good for Wood!

Picture: Jon Maine

A very rapid blog to congratulate Jon Maine, who has won the Conservation/Restoration category re the Wood Awards.  is a web album of shots.

Jon's updated blog

Jon's website

with next date of his house 'open day'.

SAVE website:

My previous witterings on this include:

Brilliant, Jon. Now try to relax and enjoy it.


PS the new, updated Blogger editing facilities are an improvement,  Recommended download.


hazel said...

B****y marvellous! What a great job.

Jon Maine said...

Thank you, it is rather nice here now and still quite surreal considering how derelict and deteriorated it was beforehand. But I still find it hard to understand why I appear to be so good at what I can do with it feeling quite natural to achieve whilst watching many others struggle trying to do the same thing. Perhaps I am just one of life's eccentrics.