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National Trust properties devastated by floods (updated 23rd Nov)

Pics: Top Wordsworth House, Cockermouth,  front, Nov 23rd,  courtesy National Trust  (see pictures below also)

Bottom  Cockermouth, main street, Cumbria, Friday 20th courtesy of the BBC

Update Monday

I had a talk with the NT regional office today, naturally all are simply 'firefighting' at the moment, but later no doubt volunteers will be appreciated to help with the clear up. The @nationaltrust Twitterfeed is posting #cumbriaupdates.  All are grateful for all the concern and interest shown in this difficult time.

Today this video was posted, showing how badly affected Fell Foot tearoom and park is, on the shore of Windermere:

and BBC news is being updated with film and information of the region, including Cockermouth

Very distressing.

Another blog with pictures and on the spot news from the weekend

Update Sunday
National Trust Twitter message: @nationaltrust Message from Cumbrian team: "Thank you. We have received so much support and it makes a big difference to know that people care."

Latest news from the BBC at mid-day

Sunday 6pm via Twitter
@nationaltrust It has finally stopped raining in Cumbria and by tomorrow eve the teams will be able to assess the full impact of the wettest day on record

Pictures today from Fell Foot tea room ( a former boathouse) thanks to the Cumbria NT team:

Update Saturday latest report and vid from the Guardian

Latest from the Whitehaven News, including pictures:

Post 20th November
I was mid blog updating about Gazprom and St Petersburg WHS (coming soon...) when the National Trust Twitter feed posted news closer to home of the damage caused by the floods in the north-west. Cockermouth has been particularly badly hit. I have re-tweeted as much as I can. If you can, please RT this message.

Terrible news from Workington where a policeman has tragically lost his life when a bridge was been swept away, and of course there is devastation to homes and businesses. No doubt stock in fields will have suffered very badly also. 

Deepest sympathy goes to all affected, especially the family of PC Barker.

As far as this blog is concerned, which is mostly about buildings, so I'll not dwell on the appalling human cost which I know all readers will appreciate, the grim  news at the moment is that Wordsworth House in Cockermouth has been badly hit, which isn't a surprise as the river runs closely behind.  Hilltop (Beatrix Potter) at Sawrey has suffered,  as has the Beatrix Potter Gallery at Hawkshead, Fell Foot tea room is under water, and roads are flooded around the region. Sizergh is hit but not the buildings.

NT Twitter: @nationaltrust
#cumbriaupdate Wordsworth House.Severe flooding to basement, reception, shop and garden. House sandbagged. Flooding now reached ground floor


At Cockermouth the staff have sandbagged the main building and have worked  hard to get the furniture upstairs.  But the damage to the ground level buildings etc is bad.  It's not only basements. The garden is badly flooded; a great deal of time has recently been spent restoring and replanting. After foot and mouth, the area was sorely in need of new ways to attract custom and business, and now this - it will take a very long time to recover.

The NT tells me via Twitter that volunteers may well be welcome; but currently the Ennerdale office is hit by power cuts. The answering machine is working and I have left a message. As many roads are flooded, travel may be difficult of course, but if anyone can get safely to flood hit properties, call

01946 816940

I'll update when I can. See side column, Twittering on.

UPDATE  18.00

I have no doubt there are other flood hit historic buildings, and Dumfries and Galloway reported to be in danger too, but at the moment, that's the news I have.  Sorry it's a bit rough and ready, will post more when I have it.

For excellent pictures pre-flood see

Wordsworth House:

19.00 @cumbriadotcom   #FF


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