Friday, 1 January 2010

New year, snowed in!

A little too chilly to sit out! (Click to enlarge)

A slideshow of photos taken at around midday. Snowed in!

Here they are as a web album (click on picture)

New Year's Day 2010 - snowed in!

Can't get anywhere by car, police advice is to not travel, no transport anyhow, and it's getting too deep to walk with ease.

Hope all have recovered from last night, and happy 2010.



Markasaurus said...

Beautiful photos. There is nothing I enjoy more than a snowstorm!

Nemesis said...

Thanks! I love snow, although we were supposed to be elsewhere... weather set to be like this for several days I gather. Rural track, steep hill, hairpin bend, don't make getting out of a valley bottom easy, then the police are telling us not to travel. So an excuse for sloth...

Steven Ponec said...

Man I sorta wish I had a snowstorm like this! The best part about those storms is you wake up, realize it's snowed, and then run out joyfully with the camera, snapping away :)
At least, that's what happened to me before.

Nemesis said...

It never stops being exciting, fresh snow, as long as it doesn't go on too long - and you have plenty of supplies in!

Last Sunday was wonderful, Hadrian's Wall(see previous post pics)met a woman there from Australia who had never seen snow before. There was enough to make it beautiful, not enough to make roads impassible.