Monday, 4 January 2010

On being industrious...

It's the first anniversary of this blog, which began one year ago today.

I'm not claiming that it's world shattering, but I'd like to thank all those who read it, and those worldwide who have contacted me via the email on my profile to say nice things, send me information, share their angst, and all those friends who read it regularly and tell me to carry on.

I am sure I should write something carefully considered and full of academic background, but instead I am posting a brief blog with two contrasting buildings, a century between them

Red House Cold Store, Smithfield Market Western Buildings, completed 1899, architects Reeves and Styche, really pretty unknown.  I should delve more fully into those two. It's an industrial building, and one which I probably know more about than most, and have 'fought' for over a number of years, against the proposed demolition, the listing, the delisting... the story isn't yet all told.

Externally I find it beautiful, dramatic, internally it possibly is less so, being well... a giant fridge really... although its contribution to the history of this nation, and that of other nations, is considerable, and the survival of much of the interior really should be respected and protected.  Are you listening Margaret Hodge?

Further pictures and information:

Inquiry news (archive):

The other dates from 2009, one century later, and on the outside is frankly quite industrial looking, albeit fittingly and elegantly so, in the context, a modern interpretation of ‘wrinkly tin’, and factory style saw toothed roof, an addition to an existing re-use of a historic tramshed in Glasgow.  Internally I gather it is magnificent. I hope to visit soon. I have loved the art of ballet since I was five years old, and those who know me well can attest to a life long commitment to trying to spread that love (and in particular, the Cecchetti Method).

Malcolm Fraser Architects, Edinburgh, not unknown at all…

So – two buildings to enjoy, in the fullest sense, and long may they continue to bring pleasure.

UPDATE A review from Urban Realm of the Scottish Ballet HQ