Monday, 1 March 2010

Pointe of interest

 Pic of new Scottish Ballet HQ, Glasgow, courtesy of  here: 

Click to enlarge - it's worth it!

Briefest of posts to say: yay!

 ...I have been passing the building regularly over the last few months, and I've become aware of how visible the building is from the surrounding area. Over night it's turned into a reference point or landmark for this part of the Southside. I wonder if it will be come an iconic image of the Southside...

 I do hope so...

See previous blogs, especially this one:

and also:

...pleased that local people are appreciating this!

Of course I've been a ballet nut since my first plie aged five, although I will spare the world the pic of a gap toothed me, in tutu. Instead I recommend the link above, as it has several very good pictures of the building, which are also on Flickr:

Further pics and interiors here:

and a review from Architecture Today

However, a particular joy of this building to me is the signage, embedded in the front elevation concrete, and a part of the design of the building.  If only all architects would take care with such details; little detracts from a building more than a sign stuck on as an afterthought, while a good one considered at the outset is an enhancement.

Scotsman building, North Bridge, Edinburgh, proudly signed - and with an office next to that, which architect could fail to be inspired? (Click on pics to enlarge)

The Scotsman: history

My sixth form art prize, I chose Basic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form  by Maurice De Sausmarez  and I'm pleased to see, after several decades, it's still in print. It should be required reading for all.


PS I also like the signage on the Scottish Poetry Library, a close- up of which I note is currently its Twitter avatar @ByLeavesWeLive

The jury is still out here about this one, although its use as a locational marker after a neet oot on the toon (it's MFA's Dance City, Newcastle) is acknowledged, and at least the colour is soothing on the eyes....

Further pictures here:

PPS - a previous post about signs (pubs)

and this has a pic of Princes Street BHS, where the lettering is a joy

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Chris Matthews said...

Ah, signage and typography on buildings.... Will check out those links and references. While I'm at it: Are there any other books on the subject? When i was in Germany I noticed that they were much better at displaying type on factories

Nemesis said...

Sorry Chris - very tardy in replying... I don't know of books, but a certain amount of googling did bring up some interesting hits and websites; unfortunately I didn't save them, but I'll look again...