Monday, 4 October 2010

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The Scottish Poetry Library,  Edinburgh: Malcolm Fraser Architects

OK maybe you will disagree with the order of importance in the heading,  but Thursday 7th October 2010 is National Poetry Day.


To mark the occasion, the Scottish Poetry Library  @ByLeavesWeLive on Twitter, which I think (well actually I know!) is my favourite post-war building, is hosting a tea party (cake!!!) at 3pm.

Tea, cake, and poetry (theme of Home) in one of Edinburgh World Heritage Site's  most iconic 20th century buildings (for the cognoscenti dahlings...) is my idea of bliss.

Cake, photo my copyright not to be reproduced without permission

I hope to be there, I hope you will be there also.

Right, the links.

Scottish Poetry Library

Thursday 7th October, we’ll be stopping for tea at 3pm. Although we are keen tea-drinkers, this particular tea party will be for a Higher Purpose (oh yes!) and we invite you all to join us in celebrating National Poetry Day with a cup of warming tea and a poem about our theme, ‘home.’ You can join in by coming along to our tea party at the library at 3pm, by stopping to read a poem about home wherever you are, or by tweeting @PoetryDayUK or @ByLeavesWeLive.

Postcards will be available by post from the SPL (send us a self-addressed ordinary letter size envelope with 1st or 2nd class stamp marked NPD 2010), to pick up at the SPL, and online as e-cards from 7th October. Postcards will be available from lots of other places around the country: email us at to find yours.

It’s been all hands on deck this week in the build up to National Poetry Day, particularly for our Reader Development Officer, Lilias Fraser, and our Education Officer, Lorna Irvine. Postcard orders for schools have now closed, resources for teachers and education professionals are up on GLOW (look for a national group called ‘poetry’) and everyone at the library would like to thank them for their hard work with a cup of tea, coffee or Earl Grey… how’s 3pm, Thursday 7th October?

Malcolm Fraser Architects

I look on this building as a poem that we've made together, composed from light, view, rhythm, embrace, movement, gathering, colour, texture and metaphor to express the joy of poetry, and optimism for its future within our culture.

Malcolm Fraser

Designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects, the building was financed principally by a grant from the Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Fund. The Scottish Poetry Library has won several awards, and was shortlisted for Channel 4's Building of the Year 2000.

As well as general reading and study sections, it has facilities for listening and performing, and special children's and members' areas.

Edinburgh World Heritage

A national celebration of poetry in a fantastic building in one of the most wonderful of cities. All this and cake too. How much more bliss can life hold?


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