Saturday, 14 March 2009

A bit of chat...

Full of hot air? The inflatable pub!
Well, as many readers will know, this and several other blogs began because a heritage related forum to which we had been contributing for a long time became a less than hospitable place to be.

So the good news today is that there is now space on part of another forum where conservation and heritage and 'historic environment' related news, views, information and campaigns can be shared and discussed, and maybe a bit of fun had as well. Links to blog updates can of course be posted there too, and a wider audience may ensue:

Do please register and join in! The other sections of the forum have a keen membership, and it's lively and heritage related too.

Thank you to Nick Laister, for creating this niche on the wider Joyland forum. I can heartily recommend a browse here also:

And sort of connected with historic buildings, I came across this today, an inflatable pub, so you can erect your own local in the back garden! Given the rate at which pubs are currently closing, a cause for major concern, this 'Welsh stone' instant inn may be just the job!
Here's the video:

Certainly cool!


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