Thursday, 19 March 2009

PPUK readers...

Parkham Wood House courtesy Twentieth Century Society see report below.
Anyone reaching this via another website - my internet connection was severed last night (about 250,000 of us I think), when I managed to get back online in the early hours I was once again a non-person, locked out; that's despite the post by RobT saying we could all get things off our chests! Everyone except me, eh Rob? I gather in the case of one poster stating problems with getting his paid-for ad on site that wasn't what was meant!

I did receive a very kind PM from one person, but I have no idea if the internet connection problem meant my reply wasn't received. If there were others, I didn't get them.

As I am again locked from the site, I am unable to retrieve any PM's, indeed there are contact details and PM's containing useful information locked away from me for good it seems.

My crime? You tell me!

Not a site I would recommend. Caveat Emptor.

A new listing

News today in Building Design magazine is of a new listing:

Well done the c20th Society!

A 1960s cliff-top house in Devon inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier has been listed.

Parkham Wood House, by West Country architect Mervyn Seal, was awarded grade II status after being put forward for protection by the Twentieth Century Society.

The house sits on a cliff overlooking the town of Brixham, Devon. The building was praised by English Heritage and the DCMS for being a “very interesting example of English domestic architecture that faithfully follows particular aspects of international 1930s architectural idiom and theory, as expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier”.

More here from the c20th site:
and more from here:


Anonymous said...

"Not a site I would recommend"

Well I feel that may be a little unfair after all there are some fab posts at the moment, very period property!!!


Nemesis said...

Ah yes Anon - but what you see isn't what you get, in fact several posts were removed from that first thread - weren't they, skier-hughes? One of those was a response from me to Joce, which is the reason I re-registered for the site temporarily!

But it vanished, oddly, leaving Joce's comments dangling. A spot OTT actually I thought, under the circumstances, 'Marm's drollery possibly isn't everyone's cup of tea though. But now it's locked and Joce is left looking a little foolish. What larks, eh, Rob Tavendale and Simon Wright?

As for the second - yes, there are a few responses there I would put down as genuine flaming,by wind-up merchants, rather than a gentle poking of fun, it's a sport at which some excel, is it not? Beware the Jabberwok, don't put yourself in a position for him to bite.

Oh no, it's not all what it seems. 'Neath that perfect thatch is a load of rotten timber...

Better on the Heritage part of the Joyland site, as I know the person with the moderation button....

borischarlton said...

I am in total agreement with you, the rot has set in to ppuk. In the words of Mr Ramsey the mods need to "grow some balls"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemesis said...

It's just surreal now... beyond any site I have ever come across. Cross between a panto and a soap!