Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A mixed bag

Today I thought I would post updates in case the relevant comments section has been missed.

First the Grand Designs Chiltern's Water Mill story; that has been updated as the situation develops, and a number of posts in the comments added, including today. However, it is perturbing to hear that visits are now being made, and, however well-intentioned, a reminder that both the 'water mill' and the home next door are private property. No-one has any entitlement to roam around off road without express permission from owners. The situation is stressful enough without worrying about further invasion of privacy.

Second, the inn signs, interesting comments and links added:

Third, Pick n Mix:

It seems that last bag was auctioned on ebay, with amazing results! Thousands of pounds raised :

The money will go to the Retail Trust, a charity for retail industry workers.

Last, a link from a certain forum in a thread relevant was removed to this post, here it is again for those who want the links to wider reading and research:

Back soon!


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