Friday, 6 February 2009

Grand Designs and that 'watermill'

A quick blog post to point out that the 'missing' neighbour from Wednesday's episode has found this little corner of cyberspace, and has joined in the discussion about the programme on Confessions of a Conservation Officer ( a wry look at life, folks, don't take it all as chapter and verse!).

It will be interesting to hear the full story, which clearly we weren't going to get on TV.


This below is a genuine watermill - Houghton Mill, saved from destruction many years ago by a group which included the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, with cash raised from local subscriptions, and in the care of the National Trust.

"In its surroundings it has quite unusual beauty " (SPAB 1938)

"As part of the Heritage Lottery Project, the northern water wheel was re-instated in 1998/9 and a turbine installed to produce "green" electricity from waterpower. This provides an exciting contrast for interpretation, showing both modern and traditional uses of waterpower. Power generation could be increasingly important to the sustainability of the Mill as the world's fossil fuels diminish. The ownership of the northern banks of the river enables the Trust to protect the backdrop of the Mill. Upstream the riverbank is an important landscape setting and provide valuable public access opportunities as well as an income flow for the maintenance of the Mill. Houghton Mill is at the centre of a network of footpaths, bridleways and cycleways and is a much loved landmark in a designated "area of best landscape". The restored mill, together with the caravan park, tea room and riverside walks provide a green "oasis" of recreational and education opportunities for villagers and visitors."
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