Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Age of Stupid

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Advance notice, a film we all need to see:

PRESS RELEASE: 24 Feb 2009
‘The People’s Premiere’ launches Pete Postlethwaite’s
new climate movie on March 15 from solar cinema tent
in Leicester Square and across the UK via satellite link-up

Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In the Name of the
Father, Brassed Off) stars as a man living alone in the
devastated world of 2055 as he looks back at archive
footage from 2007 and asks: why didn’t we stop climate
change when we had the chance?
Directed by Franny Armstrong (McLibel, Drowned Out),
this compelling drama-doc explores the social causes
and consequences of humans delaying serious action
to tackle climate change through a heady mix of human
tragedy, corporate greed, bitingly satirical animation and
personal activism. The fi lm’s subjects range from emerging
Indian airlines and anti-wind farm NIMBY-ism (“not in my
back yard”), to Hurricane Katrina and the visible signs of
biospheric collapse in the Alps. It presents an apocalyptic
vision with pathos and humour, but ultimately urges a rapid
escalation in our response to the chaos already coming into
being around the world.
Not Stupid aims to turn 250 million viewers of The
Age of Stupid into climate activists, all focused
virtually or physically on Copenhagen, where the
successor to the Kyoto Treaty must
be fi nalised in December 2009.
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In Edinburgh, it's being taken very seriously indeed, with many linked events and discussions:

The Age of Stupid
A week of climate change events.

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Juju said...

Sounds interesting. Talking of eco issues, I enjoyed Grand Designs this week. To me that was an eco-home, unlike many that normally appear on that show claiming eco-credentials. I'd love to have a go at making a wall with glass bottles!

Nemesis said...

I missed it, must then watch the repeat. My sis in law used to have a path made from glass bottles, turned upside down. One way of getting rid of the empties. Did you see the Victorian Farm, where bottles were laid under the floor of the pigstye, I gather for insulation?

Juju said...

Unfortunately I gave up on Victorian Farm after the first episode! What was nice on GD was where they used the bottles in the bathroom wall - it was really pretty. Even Kevin who was a bit sniffy about the aesthetics of eco-builds concluded they had done a great job with the bottles.

Nemesis said...

I watched bits and pieces of it, I can't say it grabbed me like Paxo's Victorians, which I am enjoying.

I have seen bottles built into exterior walls before now I think about it. I shall have to watch this one, I tend to shout at the screen a great deal when GD is on these days though. The folly that was ruined by sticking Portakabins on the side was not good for the blood pressure.