Thursday, 26 February 2009

A game of two halves

Spurs stadium redevelopment, one side wants to ruin the historic area, the other wants to SAVE it!



SAVE Britain’s Heritage has commissioned architect Huw Thomas to produce a study showing how 15 historic buildings on Tottenham High Road, London, earmarked for clearance as part of plans for Tottenham Hotspur’s Football Ground redevelopment, could be retained and revitalised.

SAVE is strongly opposing plans for the demolition of this attractive group of 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings (located within conservation area) to make way for a piazza fronting the new stadium. Two of these buildings are listed and eight locally listed.

SAVE’s study shows how the buildings could form a vibrant stretch of bars, restaurants and shops which would bring life to the area throughout the year, not just on match days. By clearing sections of unattractive modern infill within the terrace and opening up the ground floors of the buildings at the front and rear, a permeable buffer could be created between the High Road and stadium, allowing crowds to flow freely whilst preserving the linear character of the High Road and safeguarding the ground’s urban context and its historic roots.

William Palin, Secretary of SAVE Britain’s Heritage, says, ‘If these buildings were demolished the new ground would simply assume the character of an out of town stadium devoid of context. Our drawings show how with vision and ambition this stretch of the High Road could become a jewel within the stadium redevelopment plans.’

SAVE’s scheme has the support of other objectors to the demolition of the High Road buildings including the Georgian Group, the Victorian Society and the Tottenham Civic Society. SAVE will be presenting its plans to the club, formally, in March. A planning application is expected by May.

SAVE Britain’s Heritage has been campaigning for historic buildings since its formation in 1975 by a group of architects, journalists and planners. It is a strong, independent voice in conservation, free to respond rapidly to emergencies and to speak out loud for the historic built environment.

Huw Thomas Associates have been at the forefront of imaginative design for several decades. Their expertise in dealing with the long-term future of historic buildings has brought a new lease of life to many areas all over the UK. The practice is proud of its national reputation for the sympathetic transformation of neglected areas and buildings and has collaborated with SAVE on a number of important projects.

For further information contact:

William Palin (Secretary), SAVE Britain’s Heritage, 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ
Tel: 020 7253 3500.

Huw Thomas Architects. Tel: 01962 856169.

Here's the letter SAVE sent to Richard Serra, Planning Consultant for Spurs:



Caius Plinius said...

At the risk of reopening north London rivalries, at least Arsenal were lucky enough to have part of their old Highbury ground listed, so that much of it still remains.

Nemesis said...

Listing, sadly, didn't save Wembley. I wonder though how thay are going to justify all the demolitions here, including listed buildings and buildings which make a positive contribution to the conservation area? It's hardly for the greater public good.