Sunday, 15 February 2009

New Town

A brief blog today to draw attention to the TV prog from yesterday as mentioned in the Bear of little brain blog: New Town, a slightly bizarre yet amusing murder story, based around a nasty developer, the spoiling of a listed building in Edinburgh's World Heritage Site, a Heritage Hero from a body called Scottish Heritage trying to stop the cultural vandalism, odd architects with ideas of imposing their own strange aesthetic on the city, planners happy to spoil the city for 'economic gain' and a crazy estate agent saying there is no economic downturn.

So - not so far from reality then.

Catch it while you can on BBC iplayer, BBC4:

Worth watching for the views of the city and its buildings (but warning of bad cement pointing at around 33 minutes in, architects' garden wall, so be prepared).


Picture credits: Geograph

Copyright but re-used under the Creative Commons license

Richard Webb St Stephen's Church Edinburgh

Derek Harper Playfair's Royal Circus Edinburgh

where there are other photos of Edinburgh.

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hazel said...

Wasn't sure how to take the programme. It was billed as a murder series but appeared to be more of a satirical comment of the "situation".
I think a bit of background knowledge of the dreaded developers thing is needed to appreciate it.
I "liked" (actually didn't like) the architects' black/minimalist house and felt so sorry for the poor kid whose "pappas" were responsible.

I hope it doesn't give anyone ideas about the church in question.