Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Pause for breath (updated)

I had intended to write a little about the English Heritage circular regarding proposed alterations to Part L of the building regs and historic buildings which dropped into many an e-mail inbox yesterday, but as both Confessions of a Conservation Officer and Caius Plinius beat me to it, I therefore commend readers to the eloquence of their blogs (links in the right column) and the comments sections under. The picture above has some connection...


Caltongate on the brink of collapse!


See side column for the blog, and http://www.eh8.org.uk/ for more details and background.

I will be back, dear readers, later in the day with more.

Update: 10.00 pm: Odd what began this morning as a small rant aginst the horrors of what 'updating' historic buildings can bring ( I think I will leave that until tomorrow) ends with very different news.
An update (see comments from Neighbours in the Woods http://neighboursinthewoods.blogspot.com/) re the Chilterns Water Mill story http://nemesisrepublic.blogspot.com/2009/02/chilterns-water-mill-grand-designs_07.html

"You might like to check out the channel4 comments page for this episode again. They have deleted the post that referred to his gaudi shopfront, as well as one other that referred to him as a "self-righteous city prig" - which I also personally found a bit unnecessarily vituperative - whatever our feelings might be about the guy. However they have left posts that describe us as "nosey","jealous", "petty", "small-minded", "interfering busy-body" and "spoilers". "

Oooh - censorhsip Channel4? And a glance at the related blog reveals more censorship. Interesting. Hope Caius has not had his post removed, nor NB's which links to Confessions of a Conservation Officer blog (click on the green NB).

I note also that Mountgrange's spin machine is spinning re Caltongate, in Edinburgh's World Heritage Site, back soon with more...

In the meanwhile, do read this:

11pm: here's Mark Cummings spinning like a Whirling Dervish (on TV also, looking v worried):



Caius Plinius said...

I'm sorry, but that picture has got me ranting. Put me out of my misery - where is it, and what eejit did it?

Nemesis said...

Ah - it's in Cumbria, and more tomorrow... ;-)

(I think the door has been junked now also...)