Monday, 2 February 2009

Every branch big with it

Every branch big with it

Bent every twig with it;

Every fork like a white web-foot...

Thomas Hardy

A day of snow, several inches and still falling. If this carries on overnight there will be too much to sensibly be able to dig out the track, as happened this morning, and we will be snowed in. I hope we have sufficient alcohol in store, there should be enough food (the leeks are still standing in the garden so those can be pulled to make soup if all else fails, the cottager's standby from times past, with dried barley and potatoes too) along with a hunk or several of home made bread, flour from the watermill at Little Salkeld: and
There are stored squashes from summer in the pantry, also, so I think staying in and shoving another peasant on the fire might be in order.

I took that pic on a hot day last August. It seems so long ago.

Hope the electrickery keeps going, as the standby generator makes too much noise to be of use for long, and candles and a camping lamp are really not great to read by.

I suppose I should have donned boots and gone out for a photo session, alas, sloth and a warm home prevailed, but this series on flickr is far better than I would have managed:
I 'stole' one for the picture above, and I love this set also:
Thank you Gail Johnson, and thank you too Creative Commons, it is a cheering thought that so many people are happy to have their images shared.
(Click to enlarge.)

Lunnon Mayor Boris Johnson on today's radio news speaking about the general chaos dahn sahf caused by the weather: "There's no doubt about it, this is the right kind of snow, it's just the wrong kind of quantities.

"My message to the heavens is: 'You've put on a fantastic display of snow power but that is probably quite enough'."

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