Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More Old Town (and New)

A brief update: see http://nemesisrepublic.blogspot.com/2009/02/old-town.html

Seems someone, somewhere has been leaking like a sieve about the UNESCO report regarding Edinburgh's World Heritage Site and the UNESCO mission.


It will be interesting to hear the excuse of a council's excuses.

Meanwhile, the World Heritage Trust is planning on putting solar panels on listed buildings as a trial.


Ugly but at least reversible, when something new comes along. That's unlike Caltongate.

Renewable Heritage Project

"A ground-breaking project has started this month, installing solar water heating panels on the roofs of seven B-listed Georgian tenements in the heart of World Heritage Site.

The £200,000 Renewable Heritage project, benefiting social housing properties, is being run in partnership with Edinburgh World Heritage, Changeworks, Lister Housing Co-operative, eaga Charitable Trust and The City of Edinburgh Council, who have granted all permissions for the work.

Renewable energy installations in listed properties are extremely rare, especially in multi-occupancy buildings such as tenements.

Renewable Heritage is ground-breaking not only because the work is being carried out on listed tenements in the World Heritage Site, but also because the pipework will be run down to serve all flats possible. The panels should provide over 50% of the annual hot water requirement of 49 properties, even those at basement level.

The project will provide a model for others living in historic homes to generate their own free, clean energy. A guide to installing all types of micro-renewable technology on older and historic buildings, will be launched at a national conference in May 2009.

Adam Wilkinson, Director of Edinburgh World Heritage, said: "Fuel poverty and sustainable energy are very much on the agenda at the moment, and 75% of the buildings within the World Heritage Site are listed. So it is essential to establish good practice and pass it on to the residents who make the Site such a vibrant place. This study will help dispel the myth that historic buildings are neither energy efficient, nor capable of being sensitively retrofitted with sustainable energy measures.”

As part of the Renewable Heritage project, a comprehensive good practice guide for householders and professionals is being published in May 2009. This will be launched at a conference at The Hub in Edinburgh on Friday 15 May 2009."




PS pic above shamelessly nicked from the EWH website. Lovely buildings.

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