Monday, 23 February 2009

The Canongate Project - the movie!


And also worth reading (and watching the linked award-winning movie) is today's blog about the Garvald breadmakers of Edinburgh:
It is still a living, working community, despite the best efforts of the council to 'regenerate' by a bit of social cleansing, the usual mix of commercial schemes of dubious architectural merit, and yet more sterile developments which seem to have liitle to do with what local people actually want.

The Nem Republic has also kindly been added to the LINKS section of the Bath Heritage Watchdog website, and more will be appearing in this blog soon.
As the site isn't a blog I can't add it to the Blogger links list at the right, but it's an outstanding example (along with the Independent Republic of the Canongate) of what a bunch of determined people can achieve who care about their World Heritage Site and their city, and who feel that the planning process is frequently stacked against the best interests of conservation. I adore Bath and read the site avidly, to keep up with what is happening there.

Information is power!


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