Friday, 25 September 2009

Middlesex Guildhall: Supreme Court or super hypocrisy?

I'll return later with more comment (well, OK, ranting) and an updated blog on this; meanwhile, here's a little something to read.

The Guildhall Testimonial

If you link to the Scribd site, you can read what I said there under the doc.

The report is copyright SAVE and is reproduced by kind permission. Print copies are still available from at a very reasonable cost. It was compiled by Adam Wilkinson, former SAVE Secretary, now Director, Edinburgh World Heritage.

Feel free, however, to pass on the link to read online.

Hugh Pearman (Sunday Times) on the shiny 'updated' building:

although he possibly didn't know about the Commons Select Committee hearing; I'll add a bit about that later.

Back soon with more.


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