Monday, 28 September 2009

Trump wants it all...

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Just uploaded, please do watch as Menie resident David Milne seeks support for himself and other residents resisting Donald Trump's attempts to have Compulsory Purchase Orders placed on his home (a converted coastguard's building, in a setting so beautiful no wonder he doesn't want to leave).

Latest news:

Meanwhile, Trump has been accused of spying! Here's the article in the Sunday Times:

September 27, 2009

Donald Trump spied on us, say activists
Mark Macaskill

Donald Trump has been accused of using a mole to obtain leaked e-mails which he claims reveal the identity of the campaign group that dressed up statues across Scotland as the American tycoon.

Trump claims that the messages, which he has passed to police, show that the publicity stunt was organised by Tripping Up Trump (TUT), which opposes the magnate’s plan to build a £1 billion golf resort in Aberdeenshire and force out homeowners standing in the way of the development.

However, members of the group claim they are not involved with the Menie Liberation Front, which has claimed responsibility for dressing up 20 statues in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling with Donald Trump masks and golf clubs “to symbolise the way Trump thinks he can walk over Scotland”.

The incident is being investigated by Grampian police...
(Read it all via the link above and and wee yourself laughing! Honestly, have the police nothing better to investigate?!)

Excellent publicity stunt though, has certainly raised the profile of the campaign.

The statue of James Clerk Maxwell in Edinburgh, one of many in Scotland given the Ol' Combover treatment on Thursday. It is reported that Rebus has been drafted in to track down the culprits.

Here's the STV News report from last week

Meanwhile, the petition is growing, but an appeal has been made to try to get signatures past 10,000 before the crucial vote this week.

Motion by Martin Ford

Back soon with the promised expanded Middlesex Guildhall blog, and more updates of other things connected with history and architecture and campaigns and stuff.



Anonymous said...

Do the Scottish police have nothing better to do than defend fantastically wealthy Americans I hear you ask?
Apparently not, as they have spent over £1 million investigating the possibility that a lie or lies were told by Tommy Sheridan in a libel case against - don't laugh - the News of the World. Apparently the fact that Rupert Murdoch's publication failed to protect its reputation in court means that an investigation, which would put many murder investigations to shame, needed to be launched.
The criminal trial, which has over 100 witnesses, is scheduled for the new year. No one knows what will happen if Sheridan is acquitted by this second trial. Will another one be launched so that the 'correct' verdict be reached?

Nemesis said...

I know. The whole saga is unbelievable.