Thursday, 17 September 2009

Scotland the Brave - Trump and trams

For anyone who has missed the two major stories keeping the pages of the Scotsman filled I can't begin to explain in a short blog the background to them. I can, however, point, as far as the first is concerned, to the excellent campaign now being waged against Ol' Combover Donald Trump's Toytown Golf Resort which is to ruin forever a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Aberdeenshire, Tripping up Trump.

Bad enough that the Scottish government rolled over and caved in at the first sniff of 'rich man's gold', but worse, there is now talk of compulsory purchase of people's homes in order that this 'luxury resort' can be built.

Link to the site, read all about it, and you can join the campaign and sign the petition here:

Tripping Up Trump

Tripping Up Trump is a fresh energised movement standing up for the local people and environment threatened by Donald Trump’s development in Aberdeenshire.

This real life story is no longer just about whether you agree or not with the controversial golf and housing complex. This is now about the human rights of the local people threatened by Donald Trump’s aggressive use of power. Trump is pushing to use compulsory purchase to clear local people from their land, not for a school, or a hospital, but for his profit.

Worse still, Trump received outlined planning permission on the grounds that he had all the land he needed. This is why Tripping Up Trump stands strong, demanding that Donald Trump doesn’t abuse the law and locals affected by his controversial golf course.

Say NO to compulsory purchase and sign our petition!

The plans (and comments!) can be seen and read here:

I did enjoy Jonathan Meade's take on it all (about four and half minutes in to this short programme):

Next up, the trams in Edinburgh, which I first wrote about here:

and here:

A highly amusing, in a wry sort of way, as it's all true and worse besides, video has appeared on YouTube, which deserves a wide audience.

How it will all end is anyone's guess. Heads should roll, but of course, they won't.


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Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Nem another informed and well thought out post helping to keep us English (with Scottish lineage)informed and up to date.

Wayne Colquhoun