Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Welcome! (And imposter warning.)

I gather 'someone' is pretending to be me and others and is posting pointless comments on a website, with a link here! (All his comments can be read linked on that website as Guest, Unaccredited, etc, so it's not hard to narrow the field.) One comment and link posted as Nemesis was removed, but I see he's still at it under another alias.

That sad person visited this site last week and this afternoon, again this evening, and has Virgin Media as his ISP, Glasgow Central, and I have his number... as, indeed, has the site concerned, and other linked blogs visited.

If he wants a few lessons in punctuation and spelling I hope he does say. Capital letters missing, bad spelling, and an apostrophe in the possessive pronoun? Hardly my style, is it, dahlings? As he is fond of saying - sheesh!

It's not hard to spot the dog, even if not wearing a kilt. Internet harassment and a barking obsession, what a bizarre activity, eh, saddo?

I hope the funny phone calls aren't you also, as the police have been informed.

Apart from that fruitcake, welcome new readers.



Wednesday am

Welcome again, our imposter from Glasgow City! ! I suppose this obsession I should find flattering!


Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

Nem sorry to hear this but it shows you are getting somewhere keep up the good work

Nemesis said...

It's OK, the website people concerned are on the case, and I think we know where he lives ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nemesis - sorry to hear about the hassle. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. However, I seem to recall that when I received similar, you (and others) described me as 'paranoid', 'barking mad' and 'David Ike'.

Anyway, I hope it stops and you can get back to the informative blog.

Nemesis said...

Dear oh dear, how naughty of us, Did we really? Poor David Ike, I do apologise to him!

It's OK, really, it's not that big a deal and I'm more concerned that people will link me to such ill-considered and expressed remarks, with a dreadfully low standard of English. That's the really shocking part. He knows who he is :-)

And I know where he lives (or stays, for our Scottish readership).

Blogging takes time and it's in short supply at the moment, so it's as and when.

Nemesis said...

However, I have checked back and it was Gervase who said those things and it was about someone else entirely! So I think we are exonerated.

Nemesis said...

However, he's back again this morning! He just can't keep away!

hazel said...

Hello, after a long while.
Sorry to hear you're being stalked and being got at like this.
The person concerned will trip himself up and with luck suffer for it.
Don't let the B*****d get to you and keep on doing what you have been doing.